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Rossiter Coach

Who Are We

You will love working here if you like our cultural love story.

We get really excited about our growth and supporting our clients. We focus on a few main goals. To Help Others Flourish And Live Their Best Life. To achieve this and grow our “buckets of love” (TVR Clinics) we are all committed to coming together to each bring in a minimum of 5-10 New Clients per month through networking and connections. We move very fast around here- and we get ridiculously amazing results. We practice what we preach, and realize for us to best serve our clients we must be committed to managing our own mind, body, and wellness.

We tell the truth to each other. We have 0 tolerance for gossip or drama. We change our minds a lot because we are willing to learn by taking action, we know that failure is nothing to be afraid of, it is our greatest teacher. We know something is a good idea by trying it out with all of our hearts. We spend less time thinking about what we are going to do and more time doing it.

We always show up 15 minutes before our first session starts and show up to each and every meeting on time. We always back each other up.

We represent TVR by wearing professional clothing, and keeping our spaces clean and tidy. We love empowering ourselves, our co-workers, and especially our clients, through constantly being involved in growth opportunities and new findings in health and wellness.


We are looking for an enthusiastic team player, someone who is coachable, self-driven, open-minded, and friendly with great communication skills. You must have the ability to multitask, use common sense, be organized, be reliable, be punctual, and work independently.

Core Values: 
* BE LOVE! -with compassion anything is possible

* EMPOWER! - through our knowledge, and passion and compassion we can show people what is possible for them.

* EDUCATE! - Always leaning into learning and teaching more. Humbly Growing.
* Figure it out and get it done - Everything is figureoutable

* Change is growth - Change is fun.


BEEFC(ake) of LOVEEE (we also love being goofballs...)

Essential Functions:

  •  Available to work as a Rossiter Provider for ~6-30 hours/week (you get to choose your schedule)

  •  Schedule appointments for a multi-practitioner Rossiter studio

  • Answer phone calls/texts/Emails and address client questions and concerns (~15 min/workday)

  • Calling clients to help them reschedule missed appointments

  • Interface with local health and fitness professionals to create more awareness of the Rossiter Stretching Method in the valley

  • Coordinate events for coaches to demonstrate Rossiter to the public

  • Explain member benefits, pricing, HSA and FSA policies, and take payments

  • Attend webinars and seminars to keep up with the standards of our profession (1 per year)

  • Contribute to the client-oriented culture through exemplary customer service

  • Commit to the growth of TVR by asking for and sharing reviews, testimonials, and talking about TVR on you social media. Committed to growth together.


  • Big caring heart

  • Good Communication & People Skills

  • High school graduate

  • Higher education/certification preferred in these fields: exercise physiology, kinesiology, healthcare administration, massage therapy, RadTech, Certified Personal Trainer, athletic trainer, physical therapy assistant, etc.

  • Successful completion of Rossiter Training levels 1-4 (required training can be acquired after hiring)

  • Successful completion of 50 Student Coach sessions, 10 observation hours, practical and assessment.

  • Must be able to lift, push, and pull over 25 pounds regularly, walk and work on your feet for long periods, and be able to kneel, bend over, and reach above your head without problem

But please understand: We hire the person, not the resume!

Other Expectations:

  • Focused on helping clients achieve wellness and natural pain relief.

  • 3 hours weekly networking is a part of this job

  • People-oriented with a cheery disposition.

  • Honest, hard-working, punctual, and detail-oriented.

  • Professional in appearance and in communication.

  • Compassionate towards the vulnerability of our clients.

  • Enjoys working as part of a team to achieve goals.

  • Thrives with autonomy and creativity.

  • Laughs at, learns from, and takes responsibility for mistakes.

  • Offers solutions to problems.


  • Pay: $14-28 per hour base pay starting (+ Tips & Bonuses)

  • 2 Free Rossiter Stretching Sessions per month

  • Unlimited Free BioCharger

  • Cross-training and advancement into other positions which may include: management, coaching, marketing, accounting, administration, etc

If you feel you meet these qualifications, please email a short (2-3 minute) video to explaining the following:
(we love to use for the recording, then sending the link over in email- 5 minutes or less is free)

What do the next 3 years look like for you?
What is your life purpose?
What was your last failure? How did you overcome it?
What impact do you want to make in the community?
How do you think working with Treasure Valley Rossiter LLC would help you fulfill that purpose?

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $14.00-$28 per hour starting,

Schedule: Flexible. 6-30 hrs a week.

Some weekend availability is a must

Supplemental pay types: Tips & Bonuses

Work Location:
Boise location: 1509 Tyrell Ln #100, Boise, ID
and/or Eagle Location: 7660 N Horseshoe Bend Rd Suite D Boise ID 83713
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