• Where are we located?
    1509 Tyrell Lane Suite 100
    Boise, ID 83706
    1650 E. Riverside Dr.
    Eagle, Idaho 83616
    Eagle Tennis Club
  • What should I wear/bring?

    Something comfortable, easy to move in, and made of cotton (less slick) is best. Please bring a water bottle, your health history form, and cash or check for payment.

  • What is a Rossiter Session like?

    A Rossiter Session takes about 25 minutes, the practitioner will anchor key points in the connective tissues, then guide you through movements to get the most effective stretch. Rossiter is intense, but you are always in control of every movement and intensity. Most people experience results immediately. The effects are longer lasting after each session.

  • How many Sessions will I need? How often?

    It differs greatly depending on severity, time and your body. Most need 3-4 sessions, and then simply maintenance sessions afterwards.

    Newer simpler problems can see tremendous relief with one session a week until the body is back to normal.

    Longer more complicated problems may take longer and require 2 or 3 visits per week for optimal, lasting results.

    You can pay as you go for each session; You are always in charge of your Rossiter Program.

  • Can I do Rossiter with Chiropractic and/or other forms of Bodywork?

    Yes! absolutely!
    In fact I highly incourage it, nothing better than happy connective tissue and a happy spine!

    However, new patients should not start multiple forms of bodywork at one time.

  • Benefit of Rossiter for Athletes?

    Athletes are constantly shortening their connective tissue-
    contrary to popular belief, that hard as a rock figure you seem to adore, isn’t so sustainable. That hard muscle is tight, and angry and capable of injury even during the smallest of tasks. Rossiter helps you rebalace symmetry in your body restoring the natural juice, and lasticity in your connective tissues, to help keep your body happy, healthy, and kick injury out of the picture.

    For more benefits of Rossiter, for the not so average athlete click on the link >>Rossiter & Crossfit

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