Ellen Brisson-Capp

Ellen’s athletic journey began in high school on two swim teams. Learning new techniques and practicing them lap after lap was a great exercise in discipline for her. She enjoyed the commitment and hard work that had come with an athletic endeavor. When she learned about functional fitness training and Crossfit a few years down the road, she was naturally intrigued. After one class she was hooked, just like most people who try Crossfit! Ellen loved to feel her mind, body, and spirit strengthen from the intense exercise that Crossfit offers.

For Ellen’s entire life she knew she was going to help people in one way or another. Through the journey of trying to find her passion, she got her 200 hour yoga teacher certification, studied functional fitness, fought wildfires , and then when her dad got in 2 horrific accidents back to back- he was forced through the whirlwind of therapies to try and get back to a normal life. Tormented by pain, he was willing to try anything. He did Chiropractic, Massage, Traction, Acupuncture, PT religiously with no relief. Finally his Acupuncturist referred him to Rossiter. After his first session he felt a significant difference, and after 4 he had restored range of motion. After 12 sessions he was out of pain, had regained his range of motion completely and was off his pain killers. He was able to not only work without pain, but do all the things that gave him life, such as bike riding and traveling without excruciating pain.

As a Rossiter coach we get to help people enjoy their bodies and lives again so that they can engage in daily activities, and allow them to do more than ever!

Live the best life. Be pain free.

Whitney Collum

Whitney is a Montana girl transplanted to Boise. She holds a BS with honors in Health & Human Performance with an emphasis on Health & Wellness and Exercise Physiology along with 15 years of experience in nursing. Whitney is also a group exercise instructor for 32 years and counting. Becoming a Rossiter Coach has been so rewarding and exciting. Her passion is helping people feel better and stronger so they can enjoy their life to the fullest!

Melissa Osgood

Melissa has a background in arts and sciences and is drawn to sports and activities that focus on technique and mind-body connection. A common practice for her when coaching is isolating and identifying an individuals body challenges to movement. She is skilled at nordic skiing, rowing (sculling), swimming, and has been a practicing yogi for 20+ years. Fine tuning technique, alignment and creative solutions have always been Melissa’s speciality and led her to train in the Rossiter System to help others experience restored mobility.

  • What is your favorite thing about working at Treasure Valley Rossiter?

    Being around people who are caring and compassionate and have a strong interest in helping human bodies perform at their best.

  • How long have you lived in Idaho?

    My family moved from Canada to Idaho when I was six. I grew up here. Idaho is home. I was away for roughly 12 years, living in Minneapolis and Seattle. I temporarily returned to Idaho with plans to live elsewhere, but my great relationships with friends and family and my desire to continue exploring Idaho wilderness kept me home!

  • What made you passionate about going into this field?

    I experienced profound change in my own body with Rossiter techniques that were never resolved through chiropractic and massage. I appreciate how all bodywork modalities can compliment each other for people experiencing pain, discomfort or reduced mobility, but specifically how Rossiter can afford lasting results in a short amount of time. Visually assessing bodies and practicing the technical aspects of the Rossiter System is incredibly interesting. I enjoy listening to and learning from clients success through our workout sessions and I especially enjoy coaching people in their own body awareness for better fitness.

  • What is something that not very many people know about you?

    I am a trained metalsmith. I make beautiful jewelry and sculpture in precious metals.

  • What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

    I love Nordic skiing and backpacking in our Idaho forests! I enjoy exercising with friends or going on a solo run in our Idaho foothills. I like to think about the way the body moves during activity and I see inspiration for my art in everything.

  • Who is someone you admire and why?

    Carl Sagan — I loved his passion for “life” and the universe beyond and his skill with communicating and translating the language of science in ways all people could understand. I appreciate his enthusiasm for the unknown, and his gentle and pointed perspective on humanity and the responsibility we have in respecting our planet.

  • How do you want people to remember you?

    As someone who appreciates details and how they fit into a bigger picture. As an intuitive guide to help people on their own path of discovery.

  • What do you think are the best skills you bring to your job?

    I am a calm, perceptive observer that cares about resolving pain, discomfort and mobility issues in the human body so people can continue to do the active things they love to do and enjoy life.

  • What is your personal motto?

    Strong on the outside, strong inside.

  • Who is your favorite Super Hero?

    Wonder Woman for sure. She can learn the facts with her lasso of truth, deflect negativity with her bracelets, and get there at the right time with her invisible airplane. Besides, she’s an Amazon princess.

Ryan Schultheis

Ryan comes from a military background which allows him to focus on your specific goals and areas of concern.  He takes a proactive and fun approach when dealing with his clients and he strives to deliver results. He enjoys activities such as hiking, swimming and extreme sports. He has an interest and practices meditation, which can be incorporated into breathing techniques, bringing about a sense of mental well being. Ryan has a deep interest in helping people restore their lives through Rossiter.

Tami Hall

Tami comes from a background in education and spent many years as a teacher and professional development trainer. She discovered Rossiter 4 1/2 years ago after being referred by a local chiropractor. Rossiter transformed her life not only physically but emotionally and has helped her to enjoy an injury-free lifestyle centered around running, Crossfit, and yoga. Tami has also observed the benefits of Rossiter in friends and family members and looks forward to helping you live a more active, pain-free life.

Kiley Alvarez

Kiley was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. She graduated from USU in 2018 with a BS in Human Movement Science.  She will graduate from BSU with a Master of Kinesiology in May 2020. Kiley enjoys participating in triathlons and long-distance racing. Rossiter allows her body the space it needs to train, prepare, and perform at its highest capacity. She has a very gentle approach to health and wellness and believes that the first step to change is a healthy dose of self-love.