• "...While she was working on my shoulders I felt a strange sensation as though a band had released around my hips.

    I left feeling a little sore but thoroughly stretched. I have since noticed that I have regained control of my right arm. I no longer need to lower it using the left arm and have the full range of movement again that I haven't experienced in nine years. My shoulder pain is gone and doesn't keep me awake at night. I no longer have neck pain and can look behind me when I drive without turning in the car seat. I no longer have hip pain at night and have only noticed discomfort one time during the day since I saw Ellen. It usually bothered me several times a week. I will definitely look Ellen up next time I get to Boise to see what else she can tune up on my body. Thank you so VERY much Ellen!!!!"
    Georgia C.
  • Super excited for this wonderful woman. Made me feel safe and secure. Constantly checked on my comfort zone. Extremely professional and caring business owner. Her passion and energy was felt just walking through the door. As for the session the following day was when I noticed the release. Mobility and range of motion without discomfort was obvious. I have battled with my tendonitis for a long time, great to have the day off from the nagging discomfort. Thanks lady, great things for your future.
    Brian N.
  • In the two sessions we have had so far, I've noticed loosening of my calves and ankles allowing me to run without pain from plantar fasciitis and helps me with crossfit to get deeper in my squat. I'm seeing results faster than I imagined and can't wait for my next session. Not only is it therapeutic, it is relaxing. I would recommend this for anyone but specifically athletes who are looking to excel and take themselves to the next level.
    Jenny L.
  • This technique is AMAZING! What a fun way to improved flexibility and general wellbeing. Ellen is very talented!
    Wendy H.
  • Ellen, THANK YOU! This is a wonderful way to make muscles release stress. Not a typical massage. This gets to the point! I'm VERY happy with this technique and you! :)
    Sydney H.
  • Today was my first session with Ellen and ohhhh my, what a difference a day makes. I knew it was gonna be uncomfortable but what I didn't realize is how amazingly better I would feel afterwards. Thanks to you for your footwork
    Sandra K.
  • Ellen with her eccentric personality, whitty comebacks and professional passion for fitness is making waves in the world of rejuvenation. After several sessions of Rossiter, Ellen style, not only will you laugh and experience a great service you will see immediate results towards your muscles. I kick harder, have less back pain, move with less restrictions and pain and am able to train and fight at optimum performance. When I box I'm able shuffle my feet faster enabling me to be faster than my sparring partners thus having the upper hand when positioning my body and moving from angle to angle. Thank you Ellen for helping me and extending my fight career and giving me a chance to continue my passion in life. :)
    Gabriel M.