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Hey There! I am Ellen, and I am the owner of Treasure Valley Rossiter.

I have Hoshimotos and struggled with my weight my whole life- which is why I found these wonderful devices! They have helped me and our clients so much! I can't wait for you get to try it out for yourself! 


The far infrared AND near infrared heat generated by the Formostar system penetrates deep into the body where fat deposits exist; the result is an increased rate of metabolism which breaks up fat tissues releasing more energy. This enables the Formostar to aid the following:

  • Stimulate Weight Loss

  • Body Contouring/Reshaping

  • Fat & inch loss

  • Diminish cellulite

  • Pain Relief

  • Burn 1200+ calories

  • Detoxification

  • Improved skin tone

  • Reduces Stress

  • Strengthen immune system

Girls in Jeans

What Will You Experience?

✔️Calorie burn

✔️Detoxifying sweat

✔️Glowing skin


✔️Inch loss

✔️Less pain and soreness

We are dedicated to getting you the best results, ever!

So many of our clients are getting incredible results when nothing has worked in the past! 

This is so much more than infrared weight loss- this is a lifetime of health, ending the yo-yo dieting, and a whole new connection and respect for yourself, your body, and food.


Q: Does it hurt? 
A: Nope! It's warm, but only to your tolerance level. This is what helps us push the toxins out of your body, and target the visceral fat. If you aren't a fan of heat, and don't have visceral fat, we suggest Contour Light. Which is just Luke warm and very comfortable. 

Q:When should I use this instead of the Contour Light?
A: When you have visceral fat it is very important that we start with Formostar first to get the best results. 

When the body has visceral fat, it doesn't lose weight as fast on the contour light as it does after a few Formostar visits. We always want you the greatest bang for your buck, that's why we suggest this. 

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are in Eagle only right now, but working on getting one in Boise ASAP! because it's MAGIC!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out on our business line 208-949-3868 

we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Lets Get You To Your Goal, Faster.

Best Value

2 Pad Placement
Reocurring Payment

Less Coverage.
All the benefits. 

✔️ Free InBody ✔️Measurements ✔️ Whole Body Vibration Plate ✔️ 2 Month Agreement Minimum ✔️ $97/ Month ($48.50/session) ✔️ Additional Formostar Sessions $48.50 ✔️Upgrade to Full Body for $39 Auto-Renews 30-Day Cancellation Notice Required

6 Full Body Contour Reoccuring Payment

Want to lose 10 lbs or less?

✔️ Free InBody ✔️Measurements ✔️ Whole Body Vibration Plate ✔️ 2 Month Agreement Minimum ✔️ $457/ Month ($76/session) ✔️ Additional Full Body Contour Sessions $76 Auto-Renews 30-Day Cancellation Notice Required

Tight 'N' Tone
One-Time Purchase

Want to lose 10 lbs or less? 

✔️One time payment-no reoccuring payments ✔️12 Contour Sessions ✔️2x weekly for 6 weeks ✔️12 vibration plate sessions ✔️Liver support guidance ✔️4 Coaching sessions ✔️ $̶2̶5̶0̶0̶ Now $1087!

Want to lose 10 lbs or more? 

Ready to trust your body?


for our best value.

✔️One time payment-no reoccuring payments ✔️16 Contour Sessions ✔️FACIAL INCLUDED! (for contour light sessions only) ✔️2x weekly for 8 weeks ✔️16 vibration plate sessions ✔️Weight loss program ✔️Liver support ✔️Appetite-suppressant ✔️Metabolism booster ✔️Nutritional/meal guidance ✔️unlimited coaching for 8 weeks ✔️& SO MUCH MORE! ✔️ (Total Value of: $7,360) Buy today and save $6,163! $1497

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