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Treasure Valley Rossiter Team

Treasure Valley Rossiter began in January 2015 inside a small CrossFit gym in Meridian, Idaho.

The Rossiter System is an incredible technique. At Treasure Valley Rossiter we are constantly learning new skills in fascia manipulation. The Rossiter System wins the race by far when it comes to removing pain and restoring mobility. Treasure Valley Rossiter keeps its small town feel with the deep care that our practitioners provide.  We truly love what we do, and we truly care for each and every person that walks into the door.

There is nothing more incredible than helping people get their lives back. Our clients range from grandparents wanting to be able to play more with their grandbabies, to determined athletes looking to increase their performance. With Treasure Valley Rossiter people find that they can do so much. Live better lives and excel with lowered risk of injury. We know this makes everyone happy campers, how could it not?

Spreading love, and truly caring about others always wins. When you come in as a client, together we focus on the source of your discomfort. We get you back to comfort quickly and with lasting relief.

We hope to see you soon to help you on your journey back to a happy life.



Nydia Braun

Nydia is the new Wellness Specialist at TVR. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Nydia moved to Boise in 2005 and absolutely loves the people here! She enjoys all the outdoor activities Boise has to offer. Her favorites are hiking and soaking in some hot springs. She enjoys horticulture, staying active, nature, meeting new people and anything caramel!


Nydia is fluent in Spanish and is learning French! She is excited to join the TVR family because she enjoys connecting with and helping people. She wants to help them feel great and be the best they can be.


Beth Filzen

Beth is a Registered Nurse that is passionate about natural health care. After working in the traditional health care setting as a Certified Emergency Nurse, she decided that her soul lies with more natural methods of healthcare, especially for pain relief. She found Rossiter when she was struggling with foot pain stemming from several years of nursing.  Not only did it help her foot pain, but she found that her chronic neck pain was helped as well. She is greatly motivated to help others experience wellness and get to the root cause of health issues. Beth enjoys staying active with downhill skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, and walking her dog along our beautiful Boise River trails. She has two kids and enjoys setting an example for them with whole foods, movement, and natural health care.


Josh Franklin

Josh loves everything about sports and has played many, especially baseball and basketball. He has a BS in Exercise Physiology that includes aspects of physical therapy and sports medicine. After obtaining his degree Josh became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and Certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM. He has always wanted to be in the medical field to help people live their best life. Becoming a Rossiter Coach was the perfect way to help people become their best selves by reducing pain and helping people restore their range of motion.

Hannah Hopson

Hannah Hopson

Hannah is a born and raised mountain girl from Idaho. She likes anything that takes her outdoors: hiking, paddle boarding, camping, you name it! Her medical interest stemmed from doing sports medicine throughout high school. She loved it so much she went on to become a Licensed Medical Assistant. Since then, Hannah has been actively helping people to live happier and healthier lives. She has experienced both immobility and chronic pain, and is here to help you live pain-free through the Rossiter System.


Avery Lampe

Avery received her bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Boise State University, then an associate’s degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Carrington College. She grew up playing competitive soccer.  She currently enjoys line dancing and spending time with her husband and baby boy! Rossiter has helped her overcome chronic pain from past injuries.  Avery’s passion is to help others gain a better understanding of their body so that they can achieve an active and pain free lifestyle.


Ellen Argo

Ellen’s athletic journey began in high school on two swim teams. Learning new techniques and practicing them lap after lap was a great exercise in discipline. She enjoyed the commitment and hard work that had come with these athletic endeavors. When she learned about functional fitness training and CrossFit a few years down the road, she was naturally intrigued. After one CrossFit class she was hooked. Just like most people who try CrossFit, Ellen loved to feel her mind, body, and spirit strengthen from the intense exercise that it offers.

Ellen has always known she was going to help people in one way or another. Through the journey of trying to find her passion, she got her 200 hour yoga teacher certification, studied functional fitness and fought wildfires. When her dad got in two horrific accidents back-to-back she desperately wanted to help. As fate would have it, her dad found Rossiter and after a swift pain free recovery due to Rossiter, he let Ellen know of this amazing technique. Clearly seeing the benefits of how the Rossiter technique can help people, Ellen now knew she had found her passion. As a Rossiter coach, she is now helping people enjoy their lives pain free once again.

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