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Hi Friend!
I'm Ellen Argo

Are you ready to trust your body?!

I believe in fun.
I also know, from years and working on thousands of bodies, that our minds harness absolute incredible power. When we believe something - it happens. 


What are you believing about you,
and your body?

After practicing as a Master Certified Rossiter Instructor, 200 HR Yoga Instructor, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Life Coach & Owner of Treasure Valley Rossiter for 8 years I have realized that.....


Most of us are completely unaware of our thoughts, and even those of us (myself included) that have been practicing mindfulness for years, still get caught believing mistruths...


This means we are stuck with the patterns we don't love that our thoughts are causing. The best part - is all you need to do is be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. 

This is easier than it sounds because when we have repeated a thought - it just feels true. 
We don't realize that we can question a thought like,

"I am broken"
"My body is falling apart"

"Every time I workout I hurt myself"


These all feel like truths that we can look back into our past and find evidence for.
But is that evidence helpful to you? Do you WANT to believe that? 

I will tell you- people who believed in their body's ability to heal, coached through their mindset, 
let go of limiting beliefs, learned strategies through coaching to lower their stress levels...

They went on and were able to receive amazing healing benefits in their bodies that lasted so much longer. 

So- what are you believing about your body? 

You Get 4 Life Coaching W/ Ellen Sessions Included In Your Memberships!

My Coaching Specialties...

Fascia, The Body
& The Pain Body


This is perfect in tangent with your Rossiter Sessions or Body Contour / Red Light Therapy sessions. 
We will coach you on whatever feels relevant for you to:
move through and release the emotional tension in your body.  
Feel more body love through positive thoughts about you.

We can also do nutrition coaching 
Whatever supports you in what you need right now :) 
I've got you friend!

I started my entrepreneur journey in 2015 at the age of 23, I have learned how fun it can be. I was the only entrepreneur in my whole life before I plopped into this amazing opportunity. So it was a steep learning curve. I would love to share all that I have learned with those wanting to grow their business! 


ADHD is so misunderstood. 
I coach parents with kids with ADHD and those with ADHD...

Let's lean into love for our unique minds, and learn practices that actually work for you. Understand your brain, and create magic without our highly intuitive, creative, passionate brains.

Don't make me bust out my serious face...

Let's Get


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You get 4 Sessions included in any Membership with us. (This is one time, and does not renew monthly like your other sessions.). 

Not a Member? 
First session is $55

A la Carte Sessions following are $75
6 session package is $300 ($50/session)

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