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What to do if there is a charge on my card that I don’t understand? 

Get a hold of us and we will help clarify.

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Feeling Lucky?

The best way to help others find their way to relief is empowering them through hearing your experience.


It's been a whole month since you did your Whole Body Reset!

Don't worry...I won't bug you too much longer.

I just wanted you to reflect back on what habits you have slid back into unknowingly.

remember, do NOT beat yourself up. Just reflect, and learn from what you see.

Maybe you are honoring yourself, and have begun your own protocol for health.

either answer is perfect in it's own.

Are you feeling stuck?

Go back through these texts, or let me know and I would be happy to get you set up for daily texts from the beginning again.

Always here for you!

p.s. It is best for your body and health that you only diet for 2 months max, and then start to slowly increase your intake to balance your basal metabolic rate plus exercise (total energy expenditure)

I want to introduce to you the Planned Joy Eat.

Allowing balance into your life through food is the main idea of this whole challenge. Not allowing food to be this space of joy, comfort, or distraction from other feelings. To use it as a means of nourishment. But also allowing ourselves to truly experience our food when we are at a birthday party, to not feel like we must resist anything. This worksheet is another way to bring the power back to you. So you can have your kid's birthday party without worrying about the cake being there, and you can be truly present, love every experience, and even enjoy the cake without beating yourself up...because you made the intentional decision that you were going to.

This is where we find balance. This can be a tough one to understand for a while- so if you need help grasping this idea, please reach out for your 1:1 coaching session.

Here is your Planned Joy Eat Worksheet I made for you!

Step 1: Plan your Joy Eat at least 24 hours in advance. This helps you build trust with yourself.

Step 2: Fill out the entire Joy Eat Journal while you are eating

Step 3: review the journal entries after - reflect

Still haven't quite hit your goals?

Want to continue your Body Contour Treatments?

Talk to your RLT specialist, and together you can find what will best support your goals :)

Don't forget about your goals. It feels like you hit the finish line, and maybe you have...but what habits do you want to carry forward with you?

How are you feeling in your body now?

How did your body feel before the Psychology of Lasting Weight Loss?

If you felt deprived of certain foods, Remember, Deprivation is a feeling we create based on our own desire. The more we desire something, the more we feel deprived when we think about not having it.

If you still want a certain food, plan your "joy eat" 24 hrs in advance and use your joy eat journal I gave you yesterday to write down in intense detail what each bite tastes like, feels like, smells like, emotions that come up, emotions you felt leading up to this moment. This is an incredibly powerful tool and generally ruins that joy food for you. IF FOOD IS YOUR MAIN SOURCE OF JOY, YOUR LIFE IS BORING!

When you feel an intense need to eat when you are not hungry, ask yourself what emotions are underlying this urge? What thoughts have I been thinking today? This will help you soothe your true desire instead of distracting yourself with food. Before you know it- it will happen naturally and food won't be your go-to for emotional exhaustion.

Big love and hugs


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