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Call #3

Call #3:

Link to 1:1 Coaching with Ellen:

When you notice a craving, sit with the craving don't try to suppress it that simply adds more energy to it, and then requires willpower (a precious resource) to refrain. One of my favorite things to do with a craving is to write down everything going on in my brain. Cravings are often from a feeling, what feeling/emotion are you seeking? Pleasure? Calmness (experiencing high stress)? Energy? Try to fill a whole page of paper with the thoughts you are experiencing at the moment you have the craving, also notice the thoughts/feelings you want to achieve from the food you are wanting. What is the underlying emotion really?

Now notice: What is the common feeling you are trying to run away from?

What is a feeling you are trying to create in your body? Through these actions? (comfort, relaxation?)

What thoughts are coming up about you having these thoughts feelings? What do you make yourself believe about yourself?


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