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In order for you to be the one who makes it and is truly free of the struggle, you will first have to go through the journey of self-connection and release food as your escape from feeling your underlying emotions.

with this practice, you will learn to release the need to overcontrol yourself because you will release your control over hunger and desire.

Here are some excerpts from you can read the whole article here Soooo...chocolate:

I’m not here to disappoint you, but chocolate is generally not considered autoimmune-friendly.

What the experts say:

chocolate – and coffee – are “misleadingly referred to as beans, but they are actually seeds. Seeds contain protective compounds that can be awfully tough on our systems.” She’s referring to the phytic acid, or phytates that are high in cocoa products

Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, agrees: “Along with blocking mineral absorption, phytates also limit the activity of a variety of digestive enzymes.” This can lead to increased gut permeability (“leaky gut”) and bacterial overgrowth.

Perhaps this is why seeds, along with nuts, are common food intolerances among those with autoimmune illness (e.g., Crohn’s disease, and those with chronic inflammation, and chronic pain.


Chocolate can actually contain toxic ingredients you won’t find on the label. Studies have found unacceptably high levels of nickel, cadmium and lead, all poisonous heavy metals, in chocolate produced by multiple manufacturers. (11, 12)

When your immune system is already overburdened, the last thing you need are heavy metals in your food!

Overall: You can choose to go back to it when you are done, but if it's something that is keeping you stuck from the body or life you desire, wouldn't it be worth it to know?

Journaling Prompt:

write a paragraph about why you are willing to go through this fire emotionally and physically. Why is this worth it to you? Upgrade to Whole Body Reset: Upgrade to the Whole Body Reset by Clicking Here!


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