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Having the right tools to be successful

1- an instant pot

2- favorite spices

3- olive oil

4- favorite protein (my go to is chicken breasts)

5- favorite veggies (on the shopping list)

6-meal prep containers

7-large glass bowl for hot, cooked protein

8- Veggie steamer for the base of your instant pot

One of the biggest setbacks for people achieving their goal is meal prepping.

Meal Prepping can take a total of 5 minutes.

Step 1: if frozen thaw protein in sink over night

Step 2: Throw protein in instant pot, cover in favorite spice, add a splash of water

Step 3: Push meat button

Step 4: you can either put it in one big glass container for your fridge, or portion them all out there into meal prep containers (1 palm protein per container)

Step 5: Throw Veggies in the instant pot, once cooked throw 2 handfuls in each container, or in one separate glass bowl to prep daily before bed.

Step 6: add 1 tbs of olive oil to each meal if prepping now, top with any yummy spices

Step 7: Voila! Your whole week of food is ready! Now the only mess in the kitchen will be someone elses' ;)

4 days until eating protocol begins!

Journaling Prompt:

What is going to be the biggest obstacle for me to be successful?

What am I going to put in place to make it easy for me to do this?

What are my beliefs about this process?

What am I making these beliefs mean about me, the challenge, or my goals?


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