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Only 1% of people will lose weight and keep it off.

This is because of how the body and mind have been conditioned and how our environment is dedicated to keeping you overeating.

In order for you to be the one who makes it and is truly free of the struggle, you will first have to go through the journey of self-connection and release food as your escape from feeling your underlying emotions.

This will go against your deepest instincts to seek pleasure and avoid pain; but at the same time, it will deepen your connection with yourself.

I'm not teaching you how to resist better and control yourself better, despite your instincts. (We have all met these people who are trying to control their food. This is not freedom.)

I am teaching you how to release the need to overcontrol yourself because you will release your control over hunger and desire.

In your designated food journal, write a paragraph about why you are willing to go through this fire emotionally and physically. Why is this worth it to yo If you are not signed up for the whole body reset and need some help:

We would love to invite you to the life-changing journey that is having your own personal life coach to help you see into your mind

There, we have many more resources to support you along your journey.


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