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Refuse to beat yourself up!

Perfectionism is for scared people because it gives them an excuse to not take action, to not put themselves out there, and to not meet their expectations. Why the excuse? They know that they're going to beat themselves up inf they fail to meet their expectation.

Instead, make a deal with yourself and say "Hey, I'm going to go out there and just try and do this, even though I might not do it perfectly." there's a definite chance that you're not going to meet your expectation. You're going to fail, and it might happen many times, but here's the thing --

when you fail this time, you're going to have your own back.

You're going to treat yourself with respect, and you're going to honor yourself. You're going to use it as an opportunity to learn and to take care of yourself, to love yourself more instead of loving yourself less. You'll refuse to say mean things to yourself, to beat yourself up, or to quit when you don't meet your expectations.

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