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The secret to losing weight

Is to not over desire food.....I bet that was the last thing you thought I was going to say :P Over desiring food comes from not allowing ourselves to feel our emotions at each moment.

When we feel our feelings throughout the day instead of distracting ourselves, we get our power back. We get to choose our thoughts and feelings throughout the day which means we don't need a dopamine hit to fill the hole at the end of the day. (ie. eating food for pleasure)

Take it from me, the previous binge eater that completely 100% solved my binge eating by simply using these exact prompts I provide you in this challenge, and doing the work.

As we turn down the volume on artificial pleasures and start healing our brain, we can start enjoying the natural pleasures of life that are less intense but come without consequence. I highly recommend that you have a plan for these natural comforts, especially in the first few weeks of losing weight. Some examples are: Good book, podcasts, Sunshine, moving your body (bike ride, walk, frisbee), hot bath, etc. If you are not signed up for the whole body reset and need some help:

We would love to invite you to the life-changing journey that is having your own personal life coach to help you see into your mind

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