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What we create

We create our fear.

we create our fear of being hungry.

we create our fear of loneliness.

we create our fear of not being lovable.

fear is just a vibration that is pulsing through our body.

fear drives the fight or flight response because it was necessary for thousands of years.

Fear kept us alive, but now it is mostly unnecessary.

Journaling Prompt:

What have you "done afraid" in that past that ended with success?

When you think of fear, how would you describe it, what is the texture, color, does it have a smell, sticky, pokey?

Where do you feel the feeling in your body?

Sit with the description of fear. Hold it in your hands as you sit there, breathing.

How do you feel after sitting with the fear?

Now knowing that fear is only what you describe it as, does it feel less scary?


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