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You're there!

It's your last day!!

Congratulations! Cue the chariots of fire, you are almost to the finish line!

Now it's time to reflect on your experience. What did you learn? What is your biggest takeaway? What do you want to keep doing? What is your game plan for continuing to live this healthy life? I hope you remembered that when you failed, that it's a part of the process. You are not a robot, and to get up and learn from the fall. You are a wonderful person, and change is super scary. I hope you gave it your best you could, and if you feel like you didn't. Let me know, you are welcome to take this course as many times as you would like.

If you have autoimmune problems, you might want to continue eating this diet for a full month to get even better benefits.

If you do not have autoimmune, you have lost the amount of weight you want, and are ready to start reintroducing foods. Tomorrow is your day!

What the introductory phase looks like:

pick 1 food (for the whole week) to reintegrate (many choose wheat or dairy)

Eat this food at each meal, some notice a reaction right away, some need 3 days to notice any reaction. If you notice a negative reaction, this is a sign your body does not prefer this food.

If you reintegrate more than one thing at once you miss the powerful learning of what doesn't work well with your body. Signs and symptoms of food not being ideal for your body is bloating, pain, mood swings, and the very obvious hives.

In the week following - you get to choose another food to reintroduce.

And then continue the cycle until you have reintroduced all foods!

Don't forget, just because the Whole Body Reset is over, doesn't mean I am not here for you!

Big hugs friends, you did awesome!


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