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A note about confusion:

one of the ways we avoid failure is by being confused. We say we're confused because we don't understand how to do something. We say,"I don't know." This is a sneaky method of avoidance. We're actually just afraid of not meeting expectations, and this is fear of holding us back. So be careful. If you notice yourself not taking action, and you're telling yourself the reason you're not doing it is that you're undecided, you don't know, or you're confused, just know that that is the easiest way to fail ahead of time. So try to understand your motivations for inaction. Pay attention. Have a look at that because when you avoid failure, you're going to avoid success. Being confused, saying "I don't know," and being undecided is just a way of hiding. Be real about it.

Instead think thoughts like "I'm figuring out how to do this," "I'm going to find out how to do this," or "I'm learning the steps to understand this"

Journaling Prompt:

What comes up for you when you read this?

How much do you REALLY want to reach your goal?

What is the reason you want to lose weight?

Do you believe this reason is compelling enough to keep you from EVER overeating?

Are you willing to give up food as you know it to have the freedom from overeating and being overweight?

Are you willing to live without the escape and buffering that food provides?


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