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Deprivation is a feeling we create based on our own desire. The more we desire something, the more we feel deprived when we think about not having it.

Journal Prompt: What does the word deprivation feel like? If you had to describe it what would it look like? Smell like? Does it give off a sound? Where is it in your body? Write it down. When you see deprivation this way, does it seem less scary?

Now do the same thing for the feeling of desire.

Steps to feeling an emotion:

#1 - Name the emotion

#2 - Describe it

#3 - Be with it - Breathe with it

#4 - Let it Go

Once you go through all of these steps, what comes up for you in regards to deprivation and desire? If you are not signed up for the whole body reset and need some help:

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