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Today is the day!

Here is The link to your Whole Body Reset Call #2

Today is the day that we begin the food protocol!

We should be in the know about our previous habits, have an understanding a little bit more into our own minds, what could potentially get in our way, but even better what can help us!

Wheat, dairy & legumes:

For brownie points, you can watch this AMAZING documentary called what's with wheat? It is available for free on the PLEX app.

If you don't have a fire stick, apple tv, or smart tv you can watch it on your computer at for FREE.

I highly encourage watching this.

Journaling Prompt:

Go to your Whole Body Reset Workbook - Go to Page 13 titled Thought Errors. Mark the list on the left with C, for current and P for past.

Then, make a list of your thoughts that create unwanted desire and cause unwanted (negative) action/consequences. Fill the page!

This is a big step! You can do this! Don't forget to schedule your 1:1 Coaching if you need help with anything! and of course if you need help, and did not sign up for the whole body reset you can sign up for the coaching, workbook, and more click the link below! Upgrade to the Whole Body Reset by Clicking Here!


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