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What are your obstacles to losing weight?

We have all these things in our culture that keep us spinning in different directions

not sure which way to go, which way is right. It's all so confusing.

Fat does not make you fat, it's just really to over-consume. So eat it, it's important for our bodies, but have one tbs of olive oil, it's amazing how much fat you get in one serving of french fries. It's very satisfying.

We have an overwhelming amount of media constantly reminding us to crave over satiating food, loaded with chemicals to make our brains jump for joy.

Fat, & salt. and Fat & sugar. make your brain say. I am going to live forever!

For many of us, our recent ancestors dealt with starvation. Our bodies are of course going to drive us to eat more of that high-energy stuff to keep us alive. It has no idea food is just a few steps away.

Food portions are enormous, and we eat when we aren't hungry.

We snack all day

We eat to avoid pain, boredom, and discomfort.

Practice makes perfect, right? well, it goes to the not-so-desirable things as well. The more you practice eating to avoid feeling an emotion the stronger that neuropathway becomes. Eventually, we get so good at eating to avoid feeling that it becomes an unconscious habit delegated to our unconscious brain.

This is why many of us, including myself, have experienced feeling out of control with our eating. Like we are eating against our own will.

Luckily, it's all totally reprogrammable. Now that you know this. Recognize what thoughts you are thinking throughout the day that drive you to eat. Or simply start with, hey...I am staring into the pantry or the fridge. What am I feeling right now? Recognize if you are hungry- or if you are just bored, angry, or tired. any answer is great. But food is only going to help with hunger. it will not solve any other feeling.

Change the action.

Deny the reward.

Take back your life.

On one sheet of paper, draw a line down the center. In the left column, list your obstacles. In the right column, write down everything you will need to do to overcome each of these obstacles. Consider how doing this will make you strong and more confident.

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