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Quick and Easy Hashimoto’s survival guide 

How to support your health in 10 mins or less per day

Hey fellow Hashi friends! 



Are ready to feel good in your body again?


Maybe you're someone who really just wants to feel confident in their body, but can't seem to get the scale to budge.


If you are anything like what I used to experience, you struggle with your cravings, mood swings, and you are exhausted all the freaking time.


Right now you believe that eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight . (BOOO!)


basically, you're wonder woman with hashimotos who is ready to get some results!

I feel you sister. I had been in this boat for far too long myself.  


(I totally just typed fart oo long…also…if you think farts are funny, and like to laugh, this is going to be a fun survival guide to hashimotos…so that’s important too.)

By the way, my name is Ellen Argo, I am a fellow Hashi’s survivalist and here to help you feel great with Hashimoto’s too.


Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you could:


  • Actually, lose weight with the Hashimotos...


  • Actually, heal your gut this time…this means you will be able to start to introduce foods back into your diet without the negative side effects. (There is something most doctors, even naturopaths, and functional medicine doctors don’t know that effects your inflammation & your gut…we (myself & Dr.Sarah Deccarett) cover this in depth in this guide. I am SUPER passionate about this, this was a huge thing that pushed me over the edge to healing my hashimotos, thanks to Dr. Sarah!)


  • When you heal your gut - not only will you lose weight, your body aches and pains reduce, your hair stops falling out, and you will get your energy back...


  • Reduce brain fog, memory issues, depression, anxiety & mood swings ...


  • Support your health while reducing time and effort (even with a family)...


Aren’t you freaking ready?!

I thought so! 

It's time for us to stop surviving..and start freaking thriving, my friends!



That’s why I created the "Hashimotos Sur-thrival Guide" (you see what I did there 🤣😅)

Which will help you experience all that... and so much more! 


"Hashimotos Survival Guide " helps you quickly and efficiently heal your body, while supporting natural weight loss ( & saving you gobs of time, frustration and literal pain!)


Bottom Line: "Hashimotos Survival Guide " has been specifically designed to be the easiest, simplest, and fastest way for every woman with Hashimoto's to successfully start feeling great again and get their freaking life back!


When you don't have our missing secrets in this guide, no matter how perfect your diet, or how much you move, it's impossible to lose the weight and keep it off.

I did all the herbal treatments, the perfect food protocol… But I was missing these few secret ingredients.

I was training for a full iron man some days buring 3,500 calories, and only eating 2,000 and still not losing a lb! 


Not until I found the missing links that are described in detail for you in this guide!

This is your opportunity to:


  • Lose the weight for good, and get back to doing the things that bring you joy…


  • Feel GOOD in your body…yeah you put on that sexy dress my friend!


  • Never have to diet ever again…and feel confident around food. Building self-trust is HUGE! We will talk about what that really looks like ♥️ 


"Hashimotos Survival Guide " holds the key to your success with feeling great again. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. We gotchu! 


Best of all?... You'll start seeing results with "Hashimotos Survival Guide " in about a week and it only costs just $37 because we just want every friend with Hashi's to know how good they can actually feel!!

.... by the way, A lot of our clients notice a difference within the first day. But it depends on the body- so we will just say a week. Because it’s always more fun to beat the expectation 😉


If you are ready to feel good in your body again... 

Join us With Hashimotos Survival Guide Now!

If you want to live in pain, aren't ready to make any changes, and just want to complain, then this is not for you. 

This is for my lady friends that will follow this program, are ready for the change - and will trust the process. Knowing that I will do everything in my power to help them be successful...

I guarantee it will work. 
That's why I only made it $37! 


We can’t wait for you to experience this life-changing information.

…also, if you have a friend that you know has Hashimotos share this link with them 🤗 

See you on the inside! 
Ellen Argo

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