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Feeling Lucky?

The best way to help others find their way to relief is empowering them through hearing your experience.


So many of my dear friends and clients have dealt with crippling fibromyalgia pain. They are discouraged by the unfortunate diagnosis, and prescription pain meds.

Pain is information in the body. Pain is your nervous system telling you that you need to pay attention. As you use your body, endure a high stress life, and eat inflammatory foods you reduce your body’s natural space. What is your body’s internal space system? The Fascia.

Tell me more about this fascia stuff….

Fascia, also known as connective tissue is a complete web from head to toe, it connects each and every muscle fiber together, the nervous system intertwines through it, and the bones sit in it. When we are one side dominant (everyone favors one side of their body- even without any sports related overuse, or injuries) we create shortened fascia. If the fascia is this huge interconnecting web and it begins to get tighter and tighter and tighter- what else happens to the body? Your fascia literally starts getting on your nerves, and pulls your bones out of alignment. Which in turn creates these ‘hot spots’ and constant nervous system chatter.

So what does this have to do with my Fibromyalgia?

Everything! Your body can do amazing things. You just need to give it some space, and get off it’s nerves :P

  • What can I do to help my fibromyalgia? Eat lower carbohydrate/inflammatory diet. Do you eat a lot of sugar? Starch? boxed, canned, bagged foods? These could a huge factor in your fibromyalgia flare ups.

  • Restore Space in your fascia. Start practicing yoga, become friends with a foam roller, take a Treasure Valley Rossiter Yamuna class, or come in for a few Rossiter sessions.

  • Increase Activity Once most people restore space into their body, they begin to notice a reduction in pain, resulting in more energy fun fun, and activities.

What is really happening under your foot and how to address it.

Many clients come to Treasure Valley Rossiter with extreme pain on the bottom of their foot. Each step they take can leave them in pain, and an even more awkward movement pattern. This pain is keeping them from doing the things they truly enjoy in life. They have tried everything, from inserts, physical therapy, massage, you name it! Pain can be incredibly frustrating, and can almost feel like it’s never going to go away.

The major problem is not coming from your foot! There may be small areas we need to address directly on your foot and ankle. However, most of your issues actually stem from your calf and hamstrings, as well as other large muscles (swaddled in a huge matrix of fascia aka connective tissue) pulling in your body. Your entire body is connected in this beautiful intricate web called fascia. Fascia, also known as the connective tissue is your bodies space. Your nervous system intertwines in it, your bones sit in it, it is even the source of of our all mighty spidey reflexes (proprioception)! Fascia shortens and shortens as we live through life. When the fascia gets short, we put pressure on our poor nervous and circulatory system. Our very kind nervous system alerts us that something is wrong, it sends us this wonderful information to help us take care of this pesky problem. It alerts us with a pain signal. When this pain crops up, a lot of us continue to hobble around unknowingly. Many cases this pain and compensation pattern has been happening since childhood!

When our connective tissue is the space in which supports our nervous system, circulatory system, and skeletal system becomes so incredibly tight you begin to get atrophying in the arch of the foot! This is because of years and years of a lack of circulation in the abductor hallucis. Contrary to popular belief, it is not actually the tension that causes the pain, it’s the years and years worth of compensated patterns and weakness in the arch. Further exacerbated by the arch support filling the open space under the arch, creating more atrophy, more instability, and more pain.

Long story short, all you need is a little Rossiter to get your foot in the right direction. Get you moving in a functional pattern, and you will be amazed the other pains and aches in your body that will begin to subside in your body. Many times ones you didn’t even know were slowing you down! Yay for being the best human you can be!

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