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Feeling Lucky?

The best way to help others find their way to relief is empowering them through hearing your experience.


When you notice a craving, sit with the craving don't try to suppress it that simply adds more energy to it, and then requires willpower (a precious resource) to refrain. One of my favorite things to do with a craving is to write down everything going on in my brain. Cravings are often from a feeling, what feeling/emotion are you seeking? Pleasure? Calmness (experiencing high stress)? Energy? Try to fill a whole page of paper with the thoughts you are experiencing at the moment you have the craving, also notice the thoughts/feelings you want to achieve from the food you are wanting. What is the underlying emotion really?

Now notice: What is the common feeling you are trying to run away from?

What is a feeling you are trying to create in your body? Through these actions? (comfort, relaxation?)

What thoughts are coming up about you having these thoughts feelings? What do you make yourself believe about yourself?

If you are not signed up for the whole body reset and need some help:

We would love to invite you to the life-changing journey that is having your own personal life coach to help you see into your mind

There, we have many more resources to support you along your journey.

Benefit from The indepth Whole Body Reset Workbook

4 Group Coaching Calls

Unlimited 1:1 Life Coaching with Ellen

If you noticed you had any symptoms in common with the leaky gut,

The best way to end your battle is through the functional medicine-based food protocol we have created! Today is the day that we begin the food protocol!

We should be in the know about our previous habits, have an understanding a little bit more into our own minds, what could potentially get in our way, but even better what can help us!

Wheat, dairy & legumes:

For brownie points, you can watch this AMAZING documentary called what's with wheat? It is available for free on the PLEX app.

If you don't have a fire stick, apple tv, or smart tv you can watch it on your computer at for FREE.

I highly encourage watching this.

Journaling Prompt:

Go to your Whole Body Reset Workbook - Go to Page 13 titled Thought Errors. Mark the list on the left with C, for current and P for past.

Then, make a list of your thoughts that create unwanted desire and cause unwanted (negative) action/consequences. Fill the page!

This is a big step! You can do this! and of course, if you need help, and did not sign up for the whole body reset you can sign up for the coaching, workbook, and more click the link below! Upgrade to the Whole Body Reset by Clicking Here!

I am so excited to get this party started with you! I can't tell you how much this information has completely changed my life! This is the only thing that has helped me stop binge eating and take my life back! I know this will do amazing things for you, if only you let it. If any feelings of resistance come up, that's normal. Just schedule a 1:1 coaching call with me and we will navigate our way through it! This is to reset your body, and take back your life! Cue more exclamation points. Can you tell I am just a little excited about this? 🤣🤣

Here are some of the links we chatted about in today's talk. If you are interested in losing 15 lbs and taking advantage of our one time discount: Here is your link for the 21 Day Challenge Silver: If you are interested in losing 20+ lbs, and taking advantage of our one-time crazy discount Here is your link for the 21 Day Challenge Gold:

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